2 diciembre, 2021

Digital art theft and NFTs.

Digital art theft poses yet another problem along with social media users tricking their followers with art they have stolen from other artists and companies and individuals using the images with commercial purposes without any license or agreement from the original author.

One of the many issues that NFT platforms and communities must address to make it a safe and legitimate way to monetize and sell art is securing and protecting the work of artists, whether they choose to participate or want nothing to do with the NFT marketplace.

Some art community sites such as Deviantart have implemented systems to alert authors if one of their works has been posted as an auction on an NFT selling platform, but it is still up to the author to contact the platform to remove the stolen work.

24 noviembre, 2021

Why do I feel guilty playing my favorite videogame?

Why do I feel guilty playing my favorite videogame?

In a recent story the Wall Street Journal revealed how much Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard, knew about the sexual harassment and misconduct in the company. The article has shaken the videogame industry, from fans, gamers and Blizzard workers to the heads of Nintendo, Xbox and Playstation.

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